April Pānui, 2017


From the chair

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to a belated start to the panui cycle for 2017. Kirk MacGibbon our previous Communications Manager finished with the iwi at Christmas time and we now have Jevan Goulter filling the role in the mean-time.

The Board have spent the first part of this calendar year, undertaking a review of the outcomes from the first three years of our five year strategic plan, and identifying what we believe we have achieved or have done well, and areas where we still have work to do. We have used that “gap analysis” to form the basis of the next twelve month operational plan, which Butch with the office team will take the responsibility to plan and undertake.

One of those areas is engagement, where we still have a significant gap between the number of registered members (2769), and the number who are choosing to engage with us. We accept there are wide ranging reasons for that and so we intend doing more research in the near future, to help understand what some of those touch points might be and to get a clearer understanding of what some of your hopes and aspirations are. Part of the reason for the gap is that our registration data base is considerably out of date, and we will spend some time this year, contacting beneficiaries, updating their contact information and having a wider conversation with them. There will be opportunities for those who have specific areas of expertise (eg education, health, environmental etc), to help us formulate specific strategies in some of those areas. We need your input in to the formulation of the longer term planning so that it more adequately reflects the views of the wider iwi and not just of those who sit around the Board table.

Whakapapa is another key area for us, and the role in the office which we have talked about for some time, will shortly now be advertised and filled. This will be a permanent position for an initial fixed term period of two years, at which point we will review progress and decide the basis for it’s continuation. Part of the activity intended in this area, is to start at a whanau level and help co-ordinate hui where whanau groups can get together and share or learn about, their whakapapa.

The Cultural program will continue in some shape or form, however we need to review the “value” we are getting out of it. Currently we are spending comparatively large amounts of money on the program, which as our analysis is starting to show, is only reaching and benefitting a small number of people.

The Investment Company have been given the go ahead from the Board, to proceed with the purchase of ten schools in the top of the south, which have formed part of our Settlement. The basis of that agreement is that we purchase the land on which the schools are located, and the Ministry of Education then lease it back from us, at a pre-agreed rate of interest. If the school closes, we then own the land. Given the tightness of the financial markets currently, this was considered to be a sound investment, generating a good return at this point in time.

In closing, I remind you all of the AGM coming up in early September, or more specifically, the fact that there will be four Trustee positons to be filled, three representing Puaha Te Rangi and one Tarakaipa (to maintain the 3 + 3 hapu balance). If you are interested in understanding more about these positions and have not already done so, please advise the office.

Nga Mihi
Brendon Wilson

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