Sports & Recreation Grants


The Sports and Recreation Grant is to provide financial assistance to registered iwi members, to support participation, confidence, achievement, and success within their sports and recreation activities.


This grant aligns with our iwi values of:

Kotahitanga: unity of purpose among and between whānau, hapū and iwi, and an agreed direction towards a shared vision;

Manaakitanga: caring for the mana and well-being of all iwi members;

Whānaungatanga: developing and strengthening the bonds that link us together;

Rangatiratanga: expression of the attributes of a rangatira – humility, leadership by example, generosity, diplomacy and professionalism; the ability to create and control our destiny; and do what we do with integrity and self-determination;



  1. for all registered Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō iwi members nationally and internationally
  2. paid to individuals, not groups
  3. individuals participating in sports and / or recreation programmes through registered clubs
  4. individuals participating in sports and / or recreation tournaments or competitions through registered clubs
  5. individuals who have been selected to represent their sport or activity at a National or International level
  6. individuals under the age of 18 years, who have been selected for further development and training
  7. only available to an individual once in any 12-month period.  However, does not preclude the member from applying for other assistance (e.g. āwhina grant).


To apply, please complete the below form:


Personal details ...
Tell us about your sport ...
Please select what the grant will go towards:
e.g. How long have you been playing for? Are you playing at a representative level? What are your sporting goals? etc.