From the Chair

Posted on 23 May 2017

From the Chair

Kia ora koutou

Work on the compilation and implementation of the years operational plan is progressing. As alluded to in the last pānui, a significant emphasis will be placed on engagement, with a further round of research being undertaken throughout the year, to lift the level of engagement.

The momentum gathered in the cultural space in the past will also be continued, with some emphasis being placed on widening the reach of the program. Work is well advanced on trying to contact all beneficiaries in order to ensure that the information in our registration database is complete and accurate and this work should be completed by the end of May. If you have not received a phone call from the office by that date, could I ask that you contact them, and have that discussion with them.

We (the Trust Board) are considering a proposition from the Investment Company, to change the process by which they operate, by capitalising that Company. This would give them more autonomy and would enable them to respond more quickly, to investment opportunities as they arise.

Currently under a management agreement, any investment proposals need to come via the Trust Board, and the end result can be that the Trust board would then also need to complete documentation etc once “deals” are concluded, which adds an administrative layer, and could potentially delay the process and result in opportunities being missed. Overall control would still stay with the Trust (PSGE) board, and the expectations, returns etc, would still need to be clearly articulated, by the Trust board, to the Investment Company.

Well done to the Investment Company, for completing the purchase of the 10 schools as provided for in the Deed. We are investigating ways we can acknowledge that acquisition and will keep you informed of what that might look like.

Applications for the Whakapapa role have now closed and the interview process will now be worked through, and an appointment made. I look forward to that work being completed and the work being undertaken to complete the whakapapa. Research will also be a key component of the role, to understand and validate, more of the many stories of our `tūpuna.

The Trustee election process has commenced and will culminate with the announcement of the results at the AGM in early September. Four Trustees in all need to be elected. The first step is the seeking of nominations, which close on May 31, and I would encourage any of you who would like to become more involved the running of the Iwi, to seek nomination.

Until next month.

Nga mihi 

Brendon Wilson

Chairman, Ngāti Apa ki te Rā To Trusts

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