Haere rā, Deb

Posted on 18 February 2019

Haere rā, Deb

Every now and then in our lives, we can find ourselves in a position where our hearts tell us we must make a particular decision. So, it was late last year when our office superstar Debra Kiesling found herself in this position after she received word that the health of her mother living in MacKay in Queensland was rapidly ailing. Debra left for Australia immediately to be with her mum and whānau. After a period of hospitalisation, her mother was discharged on the proviso that she had sufficient support, so understandably Deb is staying on and has tendered her resignation from Ngāti Apa Ki Te Rā Tō after more than nine years of dedicated service.

Debra was often the first point of contact within the Iwi, whether in person at the reception desk, via the telephone or email, on the registration desk at hui and AGMs, and in a number of other settings. She’s always been consistent, showing understanding, kindness and caring and being always ready to help. Over the nine years, Debra witnessed a lot of change within Ngāti Apa Ki Te Rā Tō, including a big lift in the programs of activity undertaken and in the make-up of the office team. She embraced those changes professionally and with energy. On many occasions she stepped up and took on additional responsibilities, always willing to go the extra mile. Her efforts were respected by her colleagues, the management team, and by the board, and I am sure by the many of you who had dealings with her.

Kia kaha Deb, good luck with the next chapter in your life.

Brendon Wilson

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